Zamparas N. & Partners has been active in the field of energy since 2011, having upgraded over 200 homes and business premises in Aitoloakarnania and Attica.

Our company undertakes the energy upgrade of buildings by providing the following services:

• The study of the energy consumption pattern of the building and of the existing heating and cooling systems using energy efficiency software.
• The thermography of the building using thermo-camera.
• Predicting energy consumption for the existing building and energy saving after implementing energy upgrades.
• The econometric study to determine the cost of the interventions and the time of depreciation of these costs.
• Implementation of all interventions (shell thermal insulation, upgrading of heating systems - air conditioning - hot water, shading systems - lighting systems) to achieve the expected result based on the energy study of the existing building.
• Installation of photovoltaic systems using Net Metering to save electricity.

 3Benefits of energy upgrading of buildings:
• It contributes to a lower operating cost of the building.
• Improves indoor climate and quality of life.
• It helps to protect the environment.
• It increases the value of the property.