Heating systems

The best and most economical heating is carefully thought out

Get rid of Oil with advantageous solutions

 1Heat Pumps - The Solution of the Future Today
High efficiency heat pumps are considered to be Renewable Energy Sources, as they derive most of the energy they produce from the environment.

Picture 1

By consuming only a small percentage of electricity and pumping the rest of the energy from the environment, we can heat and have hot water for our home.



• Ideal solution for both apartments and houses
• Ability to connect to an existing heating system with common heaters
• Low Power Consumption
• Without procedural (boiler maintenance, oil supply)
• You pay after you consume
• Energy Class A and Inverter
• Technology Covering needs for hot water Easy installation

Wood and Pellet Stoves -

Energy Fireplaces High performance with taste 4

• Ideal solution for autonomy of apartments
• Connecting radiators (fig.2)
• Hot water production
• Possibility of heating all areas of the house (Multifuoco System)
• High performance, Great autonomy, Low consumption
• Easy to use with programming capability
• Aesthetic result
• Certified Products Guaranteed to operate for up to 5 years

 5 Biomass Boilers (Pellet - Wood)

• Ideal solution for houses
• High performance, Great autonomy, Low consumption
• Large heated surface
• Saving money

Thermal Insulation of Buildings

 External Thermal Insulation Systems can be applied to either new or old buildings. This minimizes the thermal loss of the building from exterior walls and prevents heat from entering the building.


• Significant reduction of building needs for heating and cooling (up to 58%).
• Quickly depreciate your investment, taking into account the constant increases in fuel and electricity prices.
• The building blocks are protected from all kinds of weather stresses while at the same time preventing the formation of mold in the internal masonry.• Excellent aesthetic result through the rich range of shades and styles of finishes.
• In existing buildings, the installation is done on the outside, with minimal nuisance to the tenants.
• With one application, we cover three needs, insulation, plastering, painting, thus reducing construction costs.
• Increase the commercial value of your property.
• Environmental Protection.

The installation of the external thermal insulation system is done by our experienced and certified team from POLYKEM, ensuring the best result.